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Over time, young people begin to understand the significance of “Feeding the Skin” and take care of themselves with organic products.

Nature has no age and neither do ANAME VIO products, which is why the whole family can use them.

Depending on the age, it is possible to add another product of the line based on your needs. This is the case, for example, of the oil or the butters, which younger skins do not need.

The ANAMÊ VIO line is prepared with 100% organic ingredients certified for food standards and it has been in the market for more than 20 years.

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¿What does

“being organic” mean?

An organic product, certified under food standards,
is considered as such
when its entire production process
observed the organic food regulations.
ARGENTINA is the 2nd organic producer worldwide; we can find in the different provinces the ingredients that we need to produce our organic cosmetic line.
At ANAMÊ VIO we take advantage of the certified organic riches that our country has to offer. For example, Aloe Vera comes from Santa Fé, Jojoba and olive oil from La Rioja. We import those ingredients that Argentina does not produce from the main global producers.
ANAMÊ VIO products do not contain chemicals that are detrimental to health, nor oil by-products, parabens, pesticides, propylene, silicones, dyes or artificial fragrances. At an environmental level, we promote organic production since it benefits Mother Earth. The formulation of the ANAMÊ VIO line of products causes your skin to be nourished in depth with continuous use, making it look radiant, shiny and hydrated.
Benefits of using ANAMÊ VIO,
“organic cosmetic”

When using organic creams, we are preventing cell aging as a result of the synthetic and petroleum-derived preservatives.

ANAMÊ VIO produces and markets only organic cosmetic products that are certified for foods.

Most of the people start the change by organic food; then, they realize that they don't want to contaminate their skin with agrochemicals, which is why we offer a certified organic alternative.

We celebrate being able to work between the balance of nature and human needs.

We are organic

and we are certified by:

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) allows the use of its seal only on products that are certified by independent agencies authorized by this institution and that comply with the strict standards established by the National Organic Program (NOP).

With this, consumers know for sure that production is evaluated by an authorized agency that certifies strict compliance with the organic food standards. For a product to bear the USDA ORGANIC seal, it must have 95 -100% organic ingredients (disregarding water and salt)

It is an Argentinian leader company in certification services, highly renowned for its professional history both nationally and internationally. Its accreditations and endorsements allow the access of certified products to the most demanding markets, including the EC. Since 1991, OIA operates as organic certifier of vegetal, animal and processed products, accompanying the Argentinian organic market from the early stages.

All our raw materials used are certified for the Argentinian organic food standard that is compatible with the European Community standards, thus guaranteeing a totally organic final product.

Our products and laboratory are Gluten free.

We do not use any genetically modified ingredient.

We do not test on animals.

We feed your skin with ANAMÊ VIO creams prepared with certified organic ingredients.



ANAMÊ VIO is an Argentinian company that has been exporting worldwide organic cosmetics of the best quality for more than 20 years.

In 2005, Graciela Ceballos, its CEO, upon visiting an important cosmetic show in Bologna, Italy, the Cosmoprof Beauty, saw a sign that read: organic cosmetic. Until then, she had never heard about that, she had no idea of what that could be and, less still, develop her own organic cosmetic line…

From the very first moment I saw that sign, I became very interested and started to investigate on the matter in depth.

I was fascinated, totally convinced y committed to developing my certified cosmetics line.

After studying the market, as well as the standards governing certified organic cosmetics, it took me 4 years of trials and errors along with my team to obtain a formula that could be approved as organic by the international seals, especially for food standards.

Personally, I have allergies related to cosmetic products; therefore, I cannot use the ordinary creams offered in the market because they cause rashes in my skin. I had no idea that this problem was due to the chemicals and toxic nature of some ingredients in traditional cosmetics. After many years I discovered what affected me and I was able to get a diagnosis.

When I was developing ANAMÉ VIO organic cosmetics I was diagnosed as celiac, hence, I started to live without gluten in my food. To develop the line, one of the requirements was to do so gluten free so I could also use them without any problems. Our laboratory is gluten free.

Once I removed gluten entirely from my food and the products I used for my skin, I no longer had allergy issues, falling in love with organic products a bit more each day”.

At ANAMÊ VIO, we understand that loving oneself means taking care of oneself and that is what we do every day to take care of your skin. Doing what we like to do, what we are passionate for and what we love is key to obtain good results.

We spent many years working to build our dreams and be part of a change in the cosmetics world, taking care of your skin without chemicals.

It is a reality today.

Once you start to feel the benefits of the line of organic cosmetics certified for food, there is no way back.

Graciela Ceballos

Anamê Vio

to the world...


We are members of the Groups of Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercio Internacional (Argentina Investment and International Trade Agency): Exporter organic Group, Exporter Cosmetic Group and Argentina companies to the world, where all Argentinian companies gather and go out to Worldwide trade shows.

She trades: Global international community, based on the inclusion of women in international fair and sustainable trade, present in all continents, in more than 30 countries.

Mapo: Movimiento Argentino de Productores Orgánicos (Argentine Movement for Organic Production).

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